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We are a purebred Yorkshire breeder based in northwest Pennsylvania focusing on producing high quality purebred replacement gilts and show pig quality prospects.

Our journey started with purchasing 4-H market hogs for our son and daughter to show at the county fair. Their interests in wanting to learn more about swine and love for Yorkshires led to us purchasing two gilts, breeding them, farrowing and showing the litters. Fourteen years later, we have established a very successful breeding herd. We have raised and shown numerous Grand and Reserve Grand Champions market hogs at our county fair over the years. In addition, many of the pigs we have sold over the years as youth market projects have done very well in being class winners at various county fairs. Our showing has extended to the Ohio State Fair and Keystone International Livestock Show where our purebred York gilts and boars have placed well in these very competitive events.

We focus on selecting and breeding our York’s for soundness, structure, and design. Allowing us to stay current with trends, but also true to our values of what our genetics stand for.
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